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Yes, it really is possible to excite your partner with dirty talk phrases, without being in the same room. I’m not lying! If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a long distance partner, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Phone Sex UK! If you get creative with your partner, it can feel just like the real thing.

Don’t hold anything back from your partner when using dirty talk phrases over the phone. Since you’re not with your man, you’ll have to go even further to heat things up. You’ll have to engage in kinkier fantasies, and describe things in a lot of detail. Don’t be afraid to say things that are too “wild”, seeing as your partner will have some naughty things for you to hear as well.

Start off with some basic fantasies or dirty talk phrases that you think with get him aroused. Ensure to tell him exactly what you’re doing to yourself, and if you still have your clothes on, let him know what you’re wearing. Say everything in great detail. Wait for his cue before you use more graphic words. Basic rule of thumb is: “Once he says it, you can too.”

Take note of his breathing. The more aroused he gets, the more strident his breath will be. Listen to where he is leading you with his encouraging words. If he wants more of what you’re giving, he’ll keep you there!

Make sure you enjoy it too. The point isn’t to orgasm with the dirty talk phrases — the point is to stay close with your man even though you’re separated. It’ll be much simpler to stay close with your partner if you can tell him about your desires.

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